One Starfish Provides Safe Overnight Parking.

The goals of our program are to help guests find:

  1. Housing
  2. A source of increased income
  3. Access to health care

In the years of our program, the vast majority of our homeless guests have been women (sometimes with children) ranging in age from 20-85.  Circumstances that led to their homelessness include divorce, death of spouse or family member, loss of a job, spousal abuse, foreclosure or simply sky rocketing rent.

Potential aid to guests:

At the discretion of the One Starfish Staff and Board Members, the following assistance may be provided:

  • Financial support to ensure vehicles are brought to legal standards
  • Repairs for vehicles
  • Gas cards
  • Overnight stay in local motels
  • Dental Work
  • Cell phone
  • Move-in expenses
  • Help in relocation to more affordable geographical areas with a safety net of family and/or friends